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Convenient desktop alerting

SpreadHub Enterprise is a powerful one-way desktop alert and notification software designed to help companies like yours to communicate more rapidly and effectively.

With SpreadHub Enterprise, you can ensure that everyone involved in your business is fully aware of critical events at all times

SpreadHub Enterprise is a fully automated one-way desktop alert and notification software designed to help you communicate more rapidly, effectively, and cost-efficiently.  This robust, feature-rich client/server application ensures that everyone involved in your business is fully aware of important announcements, current sales campaigns and promotions, product updates, breaking company news, emergency notifications, appointments, and other events.

SpreadHub Enterprise empowers you to:

  • Enhance internal and external communications by dynamically distributing critical messages to employees, as well as suppliers, vendors, and other external stakeholders.
  • Make sure urgent correspondence gets immediate attention by sending it in the form of pop-up windows – complete with audio – that cannot be skipped or ignored. 
  • Enforce Internet usage by incorporating shortcuts and links to current Web resources in your alerts.
  • Boost staff productivity by reducing calls to IT help desks, emergency networks, and other employee support groups. 
  • Get instant feedback by distributing surveys and polls, and collecting results within minutes.  
  • Minimize utility expenses by reminding employees to turn off computers, lights, and other electrical devices before leaving for the day.
  • Ensure instantaneous communication even when email systems are down. 

SpreadHub Enterprise is a robust and feature-rich solution that provides a wide range of capabilities such as:

  • Pre-loaded message templates for rapid alert creation
  • The ability to generate fully-customized and personalized alerts
  • Support for Flash, text, images, audio, and video for compelling, eye-catching message content
  • Complete tracking of messages, receipts, responses, and other statistics for fail-safe communications
  • Centralized storage for all sent alerts and related historical information
  • Alert distribution to mobile devices such as cell phones, pocket PCs and BlackBerry
  • Integration with RSS feeds
  • Scheduled message distribution at pre-determined dates, times, or intervals