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Convenient desktop alerting

SpreadHub Enterprise is a powerful one-way desktop alert and notification software designed to help companies like yours to communicate more rapidly and effectively.

With SpreadHub Enterprise, you can ensure that everyone involved in your business is fully aware of critical events at all times

Dynamic, Fully-Automated Information Distribution

Fully-Automated Information Distribution - desktop alert and notification software

SpreadHub Enterprise does more than send internal notifications, it enables the instantaneous and fully-automated distribution of any mission-critical information.  The SpreadHub Enterprise server acts as a router, collecting data from RSS feeds, message queues, or any third party software with which it has been integrated.  This information can then be automatically sent to specific users or user groups, or broadcast to the entire user base.  

Messages can also be distributed through a variety of different channels, such as PCs (via the desktop client) or mobile devices (via SMS).  Each channel can be used to distribute different alerts and notifications.  This ensures that everyone, everywhere receives the breaking news and information they need, whenever they need it. 

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