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Professional services

We are ready to help you with your desktop notification solution. We offer following professional services:

3-day jump start
We’ll work with you for 3 days to understand how you can get most of SpreadHub, what our solution is best for you. We’ll help you with setting up the service, branding, customization and client distribution. You’ll also get our recommendations on how to engage and retain your customers.

If you need help with branding, design and customizing software for your own need.

Dedicated hosting
Dedicated servers to host SpreadHub for better performance.

If you need our knowledge and experience.

Please contact sales for details.

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On-line demo

To get access to SpreadHub on-line demo please fill the form. Your login and password will be emailed to address provided.

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"End-users who use SpreadHub close more deals, about 30% more in average."

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