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100% guaranteed delivery
SpreadHub guarantees that every message will be delivered. It checks every message you sent being delivered.

Instant delivery
SpreadHub messages can be delivered to thousands users within a minute. Just click Send button and SpreadHub start sending your message.

Instant surveys
SpreadHub instant surveys are the fastest way to get feedback from your customers. Design and distribute surveys to end users, then get results within minutes. 

Advanced styling and multimedia capabilities
SpreadHub allows you to make your messages as eye-catching and interesting as possible to maximize message impact.  It allows you to adjust colors, fonts, and other style elements, and enables you to incorporate images, video, audio, documents, flash presentations, and other multimedia.   

Branding & customization*
For many companies, branding is an important initiative both internally and externally.  And, ensuring that all correspondence has the same “look and feel” is vital to any branding strategy.  SpreadHub allows you to brand your messages and desktop client, it can be branded with your logo and colors and include direct links to your web-site and services.

Easy to use
SpreadHub made for real people it’s intuitive and user-friendly.  A Web-based, wizard-style interface makes it easy for non-technical professionals to navigate the system’s features and functions.

Web-based access
SpreadHub can be utilized anytime, anywhere from any Internet-enabled location, and users can work in an environment that is both familiar and comfortable

Unlimited messages
Send as many messages as you want.

Tracking & statistics
Comprehensive tracking of each individual message, so you know which information was received by its intended audience, and which messages may need to be re-distributed.  Statistics such as open rates and subscribers are also important, because they help identify important trends and alter future communications to ensure maximum effectiveness. 

Message templates
Design HTML templates with headers, footers, logos, signatures, and other elements. SpreadHub allows you to make predefined messages with placeholders for rapid message creation.

Schedule messages
Scheduled message distribution at pre-determined dates, times, or intervals

Minimum disruptions
SpreadHub notifications are non-obtrusive, delivered to subscribers, without causing major interruptions to productivity or affecting other applications on their desktop.

Easy distribution
SpreadHub desktop client is small and compact, less than 1 Mb. It can be easily distributed as executable installer, MSI package or ActiveX component* automatically installing from a web page. There is no need to configure firewalls or proxies. Desktop client utilizes standard HHTP port number 80 and automatically uses internet settings set in Internet Explorer.

Urgent alerts
This is special type of messages specifically designed for emergency information. These messages have the highest status and will be displayed on top of all other messages even for users who have disabled messages.

Targeted messages
You can make broadcast or targeted messages. Targeted messages can be sent to group or user.

Multiple User groups
You can make unlimited user groups and move users to these groups for better targeting.

Message history
Messages stored both on SpreadHub server and desktop client. Users can search stored messages for future reference.

Automatic Upgrades
We seamlessly update SpreadHub server and desktop client so you and your customers will always get the latest version.

Sound notification
Upon message receiving desktop client plays sound that you can always change to your own.

Disable closing & uninstalling*
SpreadHub desktop client can be configured to prevent closing or uninstalling itself. This prevents from accidentally closing or uninstalling client.

* some of this functionality can be provided only via our professional services.

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