Case Study: WOWT Desktop Alert

WOWT Desktop Alerts Just found great example of Desktop Alert implementation: WOWT Desktop Alerts.

This alert application delivers news and weather right to the desktop. The perfect fit for news website.

Templates and Patterns

If you already tried SpreadHub you might have noticed that there are two items that look similar: templates and patterns. I’ll try to explain in this post what they mean.

SpreadHub is fully customizable solution. Templates allow you to change design of desktop alert pop-up window. Template is pre-made design. You can use one SpreadHub account to send alerts about your different sub brands. User grouping feature will help you to do it in easy way. But that’s not necessary that pop-up window should represent any of your brand.

Use templates to distinguish different types of alerts. For example urgent alerts that require attention you can design in red colors. Regular alerts – design in comfort blue color. For special offers – use colorful template.

This your default template.

With few clicks you can change template to any other, for example to this one or any other you will create.

Patterns are basically alerts that you use from time to time with minimal changes. You can design pattern and instead of writing of whole new alert every time – use pattern with necessary changes. Pattern is pre-made content. For example if you send Forex signals you can make patterns for Buy Signal and Sell Signal. When you need to send Buy Signal you just choose this pattern and insert correct number here.