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Improved communications
SpreadHub provides ability to send high-impact multimedia-rich messages using text, audio and video.  Messages that utilize multimedia elements are more likely to be read, and the content they contain is more likely to be remembered.

Instant delivery
SpreadHub messages can be delivered to thousands users within a minute. Just click Send button and SpreadHub start sending your message.

100% guaranteed delivery
SPAM filters, abandoned account and overcrowded inboxes have likely delayed the delivery and receipt of your most vital messages.  SpreadHub eliminates these problems by providing you ability to send messages right to desktop.

Trusted communication channel
SpreadHub provides new dedicated communication channel for critical information.There is no need to compete with other information delivered through the same channel.Users are reluctant to share their private information like email addresses. SpreadHub establish trusted communication channel that allows anonymous opt-in and opt-out.

Improved user stickiness
SpreadHub desktop client is always before your customers eyes. It can be branded with your logo and colors and include direct links to your web-site and services. Targeted offers and high-impact messages increase relationship with your customers.

Instant feedback
SpreadHub instant surveys are the fastest way to get feedback from your customers. Create instant survey and get results within minutes.

Understand your customers
SpreadHub tracking capabilities provide you with such data as subscribers, open rates, received and read message. Statistic helps you monitor your marketing initiates and better understand your customers.

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